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Special Care Dentistry

Who may benefit from seeing a Specialist in Special Care Dentistry?

This speciality is concerned with the improvement of the oral health of adults, and adolescents transitioning into adulthood, who may have a disability or impairment that might be:

  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Mental

Often an individual may have a combination of these factors and, hence, their oral care provision requires holistic care in support of the complexity of their additional needs.

Key factors that will steer you to consider a patient for a referral:

  • Communication - A patient may be non-verbal or has significant communication difficulties.
  • Cooperation - Patients can present with a disability that affects their psychological or mental health state. These patients may require anxiety management and, in certain circumstances, the use of conscious sedation techniques.
  • Medical - Patients who have a progressive degenerative condition oran unstable medical condition.
  • Mobility - Patients may require special equipment to transfer to a dental chair.
  • Oral Risk - Some patients may require multi-disciplinary management of their oral care and have high risk factors for oral disease.
  • Legal and ethical – Best interest decision-making over treatment plans or a second opinion for patients that have doubtful or fluctuating capacity to consent.

What should the patient expect at their first visit?

The first appointment will involve a full assessment, which may include taking x-rays. We will discuss the result and decide what treatment will be required. A second appointment may be required for treatment planning.