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Paedodontics in Northwood

What is a paediatric dentist?

A paediatric dentist takes care of the oral health of young people from babies to adolescents, including those with special care needs. They focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of dental problems

It is the aim of our care to ensure that children attending the practice are cavity free and remain so for their life time. Prevention is the key and the earlier this starts the better.

We create an environment that our child patients are positive about coming to visit us and positive about their oral health. We measure their oral health confidence and ensure they have a pleasant experience and grow in trust towards us and confidence that they have good oral health.

What type of treatment can a paediatric dentist provide?

As a specialist centre we provide support for dentists who request support or a second opinion. We undertake:

  • Oral health examination, and undertake a caries risk assessment for all children
  • Preventative advice on diet, cleaning, use of fluoride
  • Advice on oral habits such as dummy use, thumb sucking
  • Assessment and early intervention to straightening teeth
  • A fully comprehensive restorative service
  • Treatment of fractured, displaced or knocked out teeth and surrounding bone injuries
  • Treatment for anxious children, who may not be able to cope during the dental visit either due to their age, the complexity of their treatment, previous unpleasant experience etc, under sedation

Why are baby teeth important?

They are the foundations of good oral health over a life time. The current generation of young people can look forward a long life with many reaching their 100th birthday. To maintain good oral health and your teeth over that period will require good prevention. This starts with early years dental care. Children with poor oral health in the primary teeth invariably have poor oral health in their permanent teeth

This is why we have a special service to provide annual prevention and care for children to ensure they remain cavity free in their life time

Why has my child been referred to a paediatric dentist?

A paediatric dentist has the appropriate academic training in Paediatric Dentistry and has dedicated their practice solely to treat young patients and to look after their oral health from infancy and through the teenage years.

Your child has been referred for paediatric dentistry as his/her dental needs require a more advanced and specific approach.

What will happen at the first visit?

A thorough dental and medical history followed by an examination including radiographs if possible and necessary, will take place. This is to ensure that the dentist has as much information as possible to make the right treatment plan for your child. Professor Bedi will discuss your child's dental needs and all the available options and alternative ways of treatment. Preventative advice tailored to your child will also be discussed.