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Our Good Causes

Together Dental

As a referral practice, we provide dental treatments that are the upper end of what is clinically possible. Because we also care about people who don't have access to the most basic, pain relieving and life saving dental treatment, we support 'Together Dental'.

Together Dental is a fund-raising partnership between leading dental charities Dentaid and Bridge2Aid. The aim is to raise funds to ensure more vulnerable people around the world can access dental care. Together Dental will help both organisations expand their work and enable more people to access pain relieving dental treatment.

We contribute funding and volunteer personnel for both charities. Our annual target will focus on paying for the vital work in developing countries where there is severely limited access to dentistry, resulting in pain and suffering for millions.

Local Charity - Friends of Colnbrook School

We are committed to our local community, and that's why we work with Colnbrook School, with whom we have a personal connection. Colnbrook School is a special school in Hertfordshire which caters for pupils with Learning Difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorders and Speech and Language Difficulties. The pupils range vastly in their needs and the school is dedicated to giving the very best education to the children they serve. We provide funding, volunteer time and profile to raise awareness of their fantastic work.

Local Small Charities

Because we recognise there are some fantastic small charities doing great work locally, we also provide a small fund each month for local causes. Our Charity and Community Team makes the decision each month on which causes to donate to. All though these are small amounts in comparison to our main causes, they make a big difference.

  • Bridge2aid
  • Colnbrook School