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Wondering what will happen?

If you have been referred to Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre for dental implants in London, you may be wondering what is going to happen when you come along for your appointments. You may also be a little nervous, or even very nervous. This is entirely natural. Even though in London, dental implants have been around now for more than 30 years, until you need them, you have probably never heard of them. And, if you have been asking your friends and family, you may have heard stories that have made you anxious.

Dental-Implants-LondonOur oral surgeon, Dr Joe Bhat, is probably one of the most experienced implant surgeons in the country. He no longer does simple implant procedures.

So, let’s have a chat about what will go on during the minor oral surgery procedure during which your implants will be placed.

Your comfort

Let’s talk about pain. Dental implant surgery is nearly always carried out under local anaesthetic. This is because the jawbone has far fewer nerve endings than the teeth, so there is less pain to be had in the first place.

Dr Bhat will be drilling into your jawbone in order to create the channels into which the implants will be either screwed, if they are screw-shaped, or tapped, if they are posts. If you hate the drilling, and many people do, then we can offer you sedation. This can be in the form of a tablet, which you swallow about an hour before your procedure. Sedation can also be intravenous, which is administered through the back of your hand straight into the bloodstream, and has immediate effect. Both forms of sedation will make you deeply relaxed. You may even drift off, but can be roused if necessary.

Occasionally, some patients elect to have their dental implants in London inserted under general anaesthetic, which can be done as a day patient at a hospital near Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre.

It is far better to admit that you are anxious and get the sedation you need than to avoid having the help you need. Teeth are a vital part of our bodies and our health, and implants are the best way to replace those that have been lost.