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Why your dentist has referred you for dental implants treatment

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution. At Moor Park Dental Centre in London our implant work is carried out by Dr Bhat, who is a specialist oral surgeon and also a specialist prosthodontist (a dental professional who creates realistic restorations for lost or damaged teeth).

dental-implantsMoor Park Dental Centre accepts referrals from dental practices across London and beyond. If your dentist has referred you to our clinic for dental implants, it may be that you have a complex case requiring additional procedures such as bone grafts or sinus lifts, or it may be that your own practice does not offer implant treatment.

Why we lose teeth

At our London clinic we see patients who have lost teeth for all manner of reasons. Tooth decay, gum disease, accidents and injuries involving the mouth or face can all lead to tooth loss. In many cases, dental implants offer the perfect replacement.

Many patients lose teeth because fear of the dentist has prevented them seeking treatment until it is too late. Our London practice is fully equipped to offer treatments, including implant placement, under sedation, and your practice may refer you to us if this will help you to get the treatment you need.

The advantages of dental implants

Dental implants have many advantages over other tooth replacement options, not least that unlike with standard bridges there is no need to do any work on adjacent teeth to support your false tooth or teeth. This means that more healthy tooth structure overall is preserved.

With implants, your new teeth – be they dentures, a bridge, or crowns – will be firmly held in place, with no danger of them become loose and uncomfortable. You will also be able to eat whatever you like, and your new teeth will look completely natural.