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Secure a solution to missing teeth

People lose their teeth for many reasons including age, illness and accidents. If you find yourself with missing teeth then you will know that even the simple act of smiling can feel like an ordeal due to the visual impact of gaps. Lost teeth also inhibit your ability to eat a full diet and can affect the way that you speak. You may have considered dentures or bridges and these used to be the only option. However, many people now benefit from dental implants in London. They act in the same way as natural teeth roots so are stable and comfortable. People who have implants with us at Moor Park Dental enjoy the fact that they can eat a full range of food and love their smiles again.

Dental Implants in LondonHow do dental implants work?

Implants are small titanium screws that are inserted into the jaw during a minor operation. The bones and blood vessels of the jaw mesh around the implant, stabilising it and ensuring that it stays in place. When it is secure, it is used as a base for crowns, dentures or bridges. We find that improved techniques mean that we can fit dental implants in London in as little as two months. In many cases we can even place the implants and attach the new teeth in one day so you do not have to wait to enjoy your new smile.

What if my case is complex?

We pride ourselves in our ability to deal with all cases whether they are simple or more involved. The usual factors that lead to people being told that they cannot have implants is poor oral health or insufficient bone density in the jaw. Our team can deal with these situations so that everyone can experience the benefits of dental implants in London. We can perform bone grafts, where tissue is taken from another part of the body to strengthen the jaw, so implants can be fitted.

When implants are in place, the biting and chewing action sends vibrations into the jaw. This stimulates the tissues and prevents the shrinkage that can occur when there are gaps or the teeth are replaced with other techniques.