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Replace the root

The key to successful teeth replacement is to choose a method that mimics human biology as closely as possible. They have several functions that the replacements need to be able to fulfil, and at Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre, we recommend dental implants in London as the best way to replace lost teeth.

But why even bother replacing them if you’ve only lost one or two? Let’s take a look at why dental implants in London are vital for the full functionality of your mouth.

Dental Implants in LondonStrong and stable

Teeth play a vital part in eating. If we cannot chew our food properly, we cannot assimilate the full range of nutrients we need for optimum health and this becomes ever more important as we age. In order to exert the full force needed to break down the food for swallowing, we need teeth that can withstand strong multidirectional forces, and that’s why natural teeth are anchored into the jawbone. Dental implants are the only replacement method that restores the root of the tooth as well as the crown, giving you back the freedom to eat whatever you want.

No wobble

When the replacement teeth are anchored into the jawbone, as they are with dental implants in London, they stay perfectly still, allowing you to enunciate your words clearly. This is the second important role of the teeth, to allow us communicate with others. When we worry that we can’t be understood, we tend not to speak so much and can end up unintentionally isolating ourselves.


When we aren’t worrying that our teeth are going to slide around in our mouths, we are far more likely to smile and laugh out loud. Smiling and laughing allow our bodies to release our natural happiness chemicals, such as serotonin, and our happiness levels go up. The less we smile, the more likely we are to feel depressed.

Bone health

Our tooth roots, and therefore dental implants too, send signals to the jawbone to regenerate. Without these signals, it actually dissolves itself and the jaw shrinks, giving rise to a prematurely aged, sunken look as the face collapses inwards.