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Long-lasting, natural-looking replacement teeth

Dental implants in London are a highly effective way to replace your missing teeth. At Moor Park Dental, we have many years of experience in providing long-lasting replacement teeth for a wide range of tooth loss situations. We treat complex cases as well as straightforward ones with a high level of care. Our implant dentistry techniques can be used to stabilise existing temporary replacements, too, freeing you from the hassle of using adhesives for your dentures.

Dental Implants in LondonReasons to choose dental implants in London

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reasons. They may gradually become victims of decay and disease over several years, or suddenly be fractured in a sporting injury. Once they’re lost, the remaining teeth have to work harder to perform their tasks, and the material of the jawbone may start to deteriorate. Plus, gaps in the smile tend to be visually unappealing, and this can lead to unhappiness about one’s self-image. Having dental implants in London can bring a lasting improvement to your quality of life.

Several stages

It can take several months to complete the treatment. It will begin with an in-depth consultation at the dental practice. Our friendly team will talk to you about how you’d like to improve your teeth. We’ll take detailed images of your mouth, and check your oral hygiene. Some preliminary work may be needed before you’re ready to receive the implants.

Then, in a minor surgical procedure, our highly experienced dentist will place one or more small metal posts into your jawbone. After a period of healing, you’ll return to the practice to have your new teeth attached to these posts.

The many advantages of having dental implants in London

  • Implants enable you to enjoy biting into your food again. There’s no chance of the new teeth falling out during dinner;
  • They are easy to clean and don’t require any adhesives;
  • Speaking can be easier, because the stability of the new teeth enables you to pronounce certain words more fluently;
  • Your facial bone structure will retain its integrity. You won’t develop the sunken look that can happen when removable dentures are worn for a long time.