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How dental implants give patients with failing or missing teeth a second chance to smile

If you have missing or failing teeth, dental implants offer you a second chance to smile. At Moor Park Dental Centre we accept referrals for implant treatment from practices across London and beyond. Read on to discover how we can help you to get your smile back. . .

dental-implantsHow dental implants differ from other tooth replacement options

Dental implants have several advantages when compared with traditional tooth replacement options such as unsecured dentures or traditional bridges. Probably the biggest advantage is, of course, that implants are permanent. With prudent aftercare they will last you many years – perhaps even a lifetime.

Implants also help to prevent bone resorbtion, which is a common side effect of having missing teeth or wearing traditional dentures for a period of years. They are made from titanium, which supports and encourages bone growth, and which is highly compatible with the human body.

Implant placement in London

At our Londondental centre we can treat even the most complex of implant cases. When first you come in for a consultation you will be examined by our implant dentist and oral surgeon Dr Bhat. He will conduct a thorough clinical examination and will take x-rays and scans as necessary to aid with diagnosis and planning.

You will be provided with a suggested treatment plan, including projected costs, a copy of which will also be forwarded to your dentist. If you decide to go ahead with the suggested treatment, you will be called back to our London clinic for implant placement.

In most cases implants are placed under local anaesthetic, although we do offer treatment under oral or intravenous sedation, too. You can also be treated under general anaesthetic if you so wish; this will be carried out on a day patient basis at Bishop’s Wood hospital.