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Does your dentist use Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre?

If you are thinking about getting dental implants in London, you may be wondering if there will be any complications, and if so, what will happen. More than 300 dentists across the UK refer their patients to Joe Bhat at the Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre when they know that dental implant surgery is going to be complicated.

If you have been referred here, or think you might be, then you are going to be in very good hands. Dr Bhat is so skilled and experienced at fitting dental implants in London that he no longer deals with straightforward cases. We hope this allays any fears, but don’t worry, because when you come for your initial consultation, Dr Bhat will allay them in person.

Dental Implants in LondonThe pain barrier

The thing that many people worry about is how much pain there will be when they get their dental implants fitted.

You’ll be relieved to know that there are far fewer nerve endings in the jaw than in the teeth, so dental implant surgery is immediately going to be far less painful than say, root canal therapy, which is what many people compare implant surgery too. This means that dental implant surgery can be carried out very comfortably using just a local anaesthetic. However, if you get anxious not just at the thought of the pain, but also at the sound from the drill or the sight of needles, then you may well opt for sedation.

There are two forms of sedation: oral and intravenous, and one is deeper than the other.

Oral sedation

This sedation comes in the form of a tablet, which you take about an hour before your surgery. It will deeply relax you and you will feel very peaceful throughout the surgery, but will still be able to communicate with us.

Intravenous sedation

This is administered directly into the bloodstream and the levels can be adjusted throughout the surgery. You will probably fall asleep through the treatment, and remember very little of it afterwards.

If you need to, it also possible to receive your dental implants in London under general anaesthetic at a nearby hospital as a day patient.