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Dental implants: the ideal way to replace missing teeth

Dental implants are the only permanent way for a dentist to replace missing teeth. Here at Moor Park Dental Centre in London, we welcome referrals for patients in need of implant treatment. Our skilled team is able to restore even complex cases, when bone loss has led to the need for a bone graft or sinus lift procedure prior to implant placement.

dental-implantsHow dental implants work

Here at our London centre, we use dental implants to provide a predictable and modern solution to tooth loss. There are numerous reasons patients present to their dentist with missing teeth, from accident and injury to tooth decay and gum disease.

Thanks to the unique collection of specialists at Moor Park Dental in London, should you require additional treatment – for example for periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) – our in-house periodontist will work closely with our implant dentist to ensure you have the perfect customised treatment plan.

Put simply, dental implants are replacement tooth roots. We place them directly in your jaw bone in an oral surgical procedure that, in most cases, only requires local anaesthetic (although sedation is also an option if you are nervous or dental phobic).

Once they are in position, dental implants form a very strong bond with your jaw bone. Because they are made out of titanium, which is osteoconductive, implants also support bone growth, and help to prevent the bone loss that often goes hand-in-hand with missing teeth.

Thanks to the modern materials and techniques used at our London clinic, this healing period has been reduced dramatically to approximately six weeks, compared with six months in the past.

Some people are suitable for “same day” fitting of teeth and implants – this will be discussed and decided on a case-to case basis.