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Dealing with missing teeth

Many people put up with missing teeth for years because they do not realise that there is a viable solution. Gaps are unsightly but can also cause issues with eating and speaking. Often patients tell us that they struggle with dentures.

Dental Implants in LondonWhether you are coping with missing teeth or having to deal with unsatisfactory replacements, you may find that social or professional interactions feel very difficult. At Moor Park Dental, our patients who have dental implants in London find that they look natural as well as being stable and comfortable. This means that you can eat your favourite foods again and smile with confidence. Implants also improve the health of the jaw as they act in the same way as the root of a natural tooth. The vibration caused by chewing stimulates the bone and tissues and prevents degeneration and loss which can happen when gaps are left or missing teeth are replaced in other ways.

How do dental implants work?

The implants replace the natural roots of teeth so are completely hidden within the jaw. Having dental implants in London involves a minor operation in which a small metal screw is inserted into the jaw. During healing, the bones and tiny blood vessels of the jaw mesh around the implant, ensuring that it stays in place. When it is secure, it can be used as a base for one or more replacement teeth. The new teeth are individually made to match the tone and appearance of any existing teeth for a natural look. We carry out work on complex cases for our own patients as well as accepting referrals from other dentists so that everyone can benefit from dental implants in London.

How long do implants last?

Just as natural teeth need regular attention, you will need to look after your replacement teeth. The avoids them developing a coating which can affect other teeth or the health of the gums. We will advise you on how to care for your new teeth and, with the correct care, implants can last for several decades. If they are properly maintained, having dental implants in London is a long-term investment in quality of life and a great smile.