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Category: Immediate Loading Implants

We live in a global world and many of us lead lives that allow for very little spare time, and there’s only so much work you can miss for appointments. If you have to travel a lot already for work or are a busy mum whose every breath of time is taken up with sorting out your kids and their activities, fitting in an extra half-day to go to a dental appointment can seem like trying to achieve the impossible.

Immediate Loading in LondonThat’s where, if you have lost teeth and need to get them replaced, taking advantage of implants with immediate loading in London could be a great solution for you.

Immediate loading in London refers to a dental implant technique also known as same day teeth. This means that the implant process is condensed into one appointment of insertion surgery and crown fitting, instead of having two separate appointments interspersed with a two month or so healing period. You walk out with your brand-new teeth in place, instead of having your old dentures, bridge or gaps while the implants integrate with your jawbone.

If you are a super-busy person this could mean the difference between getting dental implants done now and putting it off to when you have enough time, which, as we all know, never comes.

Putting off having dental implants fitted is not a great idea because the more time you are living with gaps in your jawbone where tooth roots used to be, the more time your jawbone has to melt away. Jawbones start dissolving themselves when they’re not being stimulated by the presence of tooth roots. If you allow months to go by, or indeed years, you are more likely to be looking at a much longer process with even more appointments, when we have to rebuild your jawbone with bone grafts.

With immediate loading in London at Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre, it really is a case of more haste, more speed. You can either get your dentist to refer you or you can self-refer.

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In recent years, implant dentistry has greatly evolved and apart from traditional dental implants, patients can now take advantage of new techniques and methods of tooth replacement with dental implants. If you are about to lose a tooth, then immediate loading dental implants may be the right option for you.

Immediate loading implants in London are dental implants that are specifically designed to have a crown or other restorations fitted soon after implant placement. This means your new teeth can be completed in just one trip to the dentist at Moor Park Dental. Immediate loading implants in London are safe, effective and are indicated for use in the majority of implant cases – however, not all of them. An adequate amount of bone tissue in the jawbone is important because bone deterioration can threaten the stability and lead to recession and implant failure.

Immediate Loading Dental Implants in LondonHow do immediate loading implants work?

Before this procedure was developed, patients with extracted teeth needed the extraction socket to heal before a dental implant could be positioned in the space provided. This healing process takes approximately 10-12 weeks, but thanks to advances in restorative dentistry, waiting until the extraction site heals is no longer necessary in certain cases. Dental bone is naturally destined to fill an extraction socket, so by placing the dental implant immediately after tooth extraction, the implant fuses with the bone and at the same time heals naturally.

Immediate loading dental implants in London can be placed and fitted with replacement teeth in just one appointment to the dentist. Depending on the type of treatment used and the condition of the patient, recovery of the jawbone can differ from patient to patient.

Benefits of immediate loading dental implants

Immediate loading dental implants have many benefits compared to traditional implants. Not only can they be placed immediately after extraction, but this treatment is less painful than the traditional dental implants. Moreover, immediate loading dental implants are less expensive than regular implants because there are fewer treatment stages. Last but not least, some types of immediate implants can be installed without the need for bone augmentation techniques.