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Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre

The Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre is located in a Conservation Area between the stunning Moor Park and Sandy Lodge Golf Courses.

It is one of the unique practices that can offer 8 different specialities in one location and has been managing simple to complex restorative and dental implant cases in London for over a decade. The specialists are delighted to join hands in establishing the full complement of multi-disciplinary specialist care to rival the best teams around the world.

Dental Implants London

A provider of Dental Implants in London, we are dedicated to giving our patients the quality care they deserve. Our years of experience in the dental industry give us a unique insight on the best patient practices for continuing oral care.

As well as our years of experience providing dental implants, we have specialists with extensive experience and skill providing other services such as periodontics, endodontics and oral surgery.

The Specialist Centre is equipped with state of the art technology including a cone beam CT scanner, digital microscopy and a training centre, Moor Training, for dentists who wish to pursue further education.

The Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre is committed to providing quality dental care and we look forward to being of service to you.

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Practice Philosophy

If teeth were not a commonplace, people would marvel at their variety, their structure, their function and their beauty.

If the gums that hold teeth in the mouth were not taken for granted, people would care for them because their teeth were perceived as unique and priceless.

If the mouth that surrounds your teeth and gums were understood to be a window through which the health of the whole body could be observed then we would bring all we could to bear on protecting and preserving oral health.

At your Dental Practice, we are a team committed to the concept that your 'dental health can be for a lifetime.

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Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre £ Northwood 01923 823504 Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre

As a Dentist, I have been referring my patients to this outstanding dental centre since it was established 15 years ago. Under the focused Leadership of Dr Joe Bhat, this practice in my view, has become a center of excellence in specialist dental care. With its multidisciplinary approach, it means that I can refer my patients with all different types of dental problems to a highly qualified, registered specialist in that particular field. The specialists are approachable and helpful in complex cases where communication is key in developing treatment plans.I have always had excellent feedback from my own patients regarding the treatment they have received at Moor Park and as a result this practice is my main referral center.

Jonathan Black
Referring Dentist

Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre £ Northwood 01923 823504 Moor Park Specialist Dental Centre

I really can't praise Joe and his team of highly skilled professionals enough, in the amazing Moor Park Dental Centre! I have been coming here for many years and the welcome, atmosphere, care and of course the treatment are second to none.

Melanie Chowns