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Lost teeth? Replace them in one day!

If you have missing teeth or loose dentures and have to avoid eating certain foods, our same day teeth dental implants in London at Moor Park Dental can transform your life forever. This scientifically proven technique gives you a permanent dental solution that looks, feels and works just like natural teeth.

Until around 2004 the only real alternative to dentures was traditional dental implant procedures. This treatment could take months and often meant that dentures had to be worn throughout this long process.

Replace Missing Teeth in LondonSame day fixed teeth are a replacement of a full set of teeth – both the upper and lower jaw – using dental implants to support a fixed bridge, as opposed to a traditional removable denture. Our patients at Moor Park Dental will leave our practice with a set of teeth on the same day as the placement of their dental implants in London.

As this technique is commonly used to treat situations in which all the teeth need to be extracted, it is often the case that the teeth are extracted on the same day as the placement of the dental implants. The artificial fixed teeth, also called crowns, are normally provided on the same day too.

What are the advantages of same day teeth

As the name suggests, at our friendly practice we can provide fixed replacement teeth in just one day. This ensures function and aesthetics are maintained from day one of your treatment with dental implants in London.

Same day teeth can also make sure you avoid long treatment plans that can extend to months or years, which in turn would make for more expensive dental bills.

The procedure at Moor Park Dental also keep your discomfort as low as possible and requires minimal recovery time.

Another plus point is that no longer will you feel discomfort and embarrassment from ill-fitting dentures. From day one you will feel more confident and self-assured.

With dental implants in London, you will finally get to experience a more varied diet in comparison to when you wore traditional dentures.

Many implant dentists are not able to provide this form of dental implant treatment, making Moor Park Dental one of a limited number of dental practices who can offer you your same day teeth successfully and professionally.