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How long have teeth replacements been available?

You may not believe this but the Mayan civilization have been shown to have used the earliest known examples of dental implants, meaning implants embedded into bone date back over 1,350 years before Brånemark started working with titanium to create dental implants.

While excavating Mayan burial sites in Honduras in 1931, archaeologists found a fragment of jawbone of Mayan origin, dating from about 600 AD. This piece of bone (which is believed to be that of a woman in her twenties), had three tooth-shaped pieces of shell placed into the sockets of three missing teeth. Thank goodness dental implants in London have improved since then!

Dental Implants in London1950s dental implants

In 1952 a Swedish surgeon, Dr Brånemark, was interested in studying bone healing and regeneration. Brånemark observed with his studies that bone had grown into such proximity with the titanium that it effectively adhered to the metal. He carried out many further studies into this phenomenon, using both animal and human subjects, which all confirmed this unique property of titanium and its unique potential to create long lasting, successful dental implants.

Although he had originally considered that they should be used for knee and hip surgery, Brånemark finally decided that the mouth was more accessible for continued observations. The high rate of willing participants in the general population also offered more scope for widespread study. He termed this fusion of bone with titanium as ‘osseointegration’. This term is still used today as the healing period for your dental implants in London at Moor Park Dental.

It was in 1965 when the first titanium dental implant was used in a human volunteer. Over the next 14 years Brånemark published many studies on the use of titanium for dental implants until, in 1978 he entered into a commercial partnership with various companies for the development and marketing of his dental implants.

Today’s dental implants

To the present day over seven million Brånemark System implants have now been placed and hundreds of other companies now also produce dental implants. If you want to be part of the future of dental implants in London, give Moor Park Dental a call today.