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Having dental implants in London is simpler than ever

Here at Moor Park Dental in London, we pride ourselves on providing a stress-free experience in the event of tooth loss.

dental-implants-londonOur busy, often hectic lifestyles put our teeth at risk of damage and even loss. What we eat, how we look after our teeth and our activities can all effect our teeth. We understand that losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, so we aim to make replacing your tooth as easy as possible.

Your options for tooth replacement

Advances in dental technology have allowed for more options to be explored when considering tooth replacement. A traditional method of tooth replacement such as a dental bridge comes with disadvantages. Dental bridges require both teeth on either side of the gap to have the enamel removed to allow a crown with the bridge to be attached. This is a downside because both teeth either side are damaged to provide an anchor for the false tooth.

A treatment growing in popularity is the insertion of a dental implant. Our specialist dentist, Dr Joe Bhat has placed more than 5,500 dental implants in London. The treatment involves a minor surgical procedure in which a titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone. The screw integrates with the jawbone and creates a stable anchor for a crown to be attached.

Due to the nature of this procedure, the false tooth is as stable as the natural teeth surrounding it. If you look after your implant properly, there is no reason why it shouldn´t last you a lifetime.

Come in for a visit to explore your options

It´s important to seek help promptly in the event of tooth loss. If you think you are eligible for dental implants in London, come in for an initial appointment so together we can develop your personalised treatment plan.

If you leave a gap in your smile for too long, the surrounding teeth will begin to move into the space. This comes with many other problems down the line. We aim to get you back to your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible and back to smiling with confidence.