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Giving you more to smile about with dental implants in London

Over the past 10 years or so, you may have started to hear more and more information about dental implants as they have become more widely available. In relative terms, dental implants are one of the latest technological developments in dental treatments, although they have now been in use since the early 1960s. The reason that this method of tooth replacement is now becoming the most frequently recommended one is because more dentists are now trained in their use.

Dental Implants in LondonOne dentist who has been leading the way in his work with dental implants for more than a quarter of a century is Dr Joe Bhat who has extensive training in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. After qualifying, he trained at some of the leading units around the country for an additional five years, and is a Master of Clinical Dentistry. Dr Bhat has also been a clinical lecturer at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute in London, as well as being an examiner for the General Dental Council. Because of his background and extensive experience, he has been providing dental implants in London for patients with complex restorative issues and the placement and restoration of dental implants at Moor Park Dental since the practice was established over 15 years ago.

When your dentist refers you for dental implants in London

Although many dentists are able to offer dental implants to their patients, there are times when additional skills or greater experience may be needed. In this case your dentist may have referred you to Moor Park Dental for your dental implants. When you attend your first appointment with Dr Joe Bhat, you may need to have x-rays or possibly a CT scan so that your precise needs can be properly assessed, and your personal expectations or concerns can be addressed. You will then receive a full treatment plan with the estimated costs and a copy of the treatment plan will be forwarded to your dentist before we commence with any work.

When you are happy with the proposals and return for your treatment, your dental implants will normally be placed using a local rather than general anaesthetic, although nervous patients can opt for oral or intravenous sedation or under a general anaesthetic as a day patient at Bishop Woods Hospital.