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Getting dental implants in London with Moor Park Dental

The dental implant process can be quite involved. At Moor Park Dental, we break it down when we give you information about it so you can clearly understand how each stage will affect you.

We also offer plenty of details about the improvements you can expect when your surgery is complete. Looking forward to enjoying great food, social occasions and renewed confidence is often particularly helpful during the treatment process.

We offer a comprehensive service when you get dental implants in London with us. This includes a detailed consultation, any procedures that you need and supportive aftercare.

Dental Implants in LondonReferrals

You may come to us through a referral from your dentist. This happens when you need particular treatment that your normal dental practice is not able to offer. We also deal with particularly complex cases as well as simple or moderate ones.

Your dentist will ask permission to share your details with us. We can keep them informed of your progress and needs according to your preferences so that you can return to their care when your procedure is complete.

Our team

We have a close knit team of specialists working for our patients at Moor Park Dental. They are there to ensure that you feel well looked after and informed at every stage of the process when you get dental implants in London with Moor Park Dental. Each is registered with the General Dental Council so you can be sure that they are highly qualified in their chosen field and that their skills are up to date.


Dental implants are not the cheapest way to replace your missing teeth. They are as close to normal teeth as you can currently get and designed to last for a lifetime, if they are properly cared for.

This treatment is not usually available through the NHS so you will need to budget for it. If the cost is a particular concern for you, talk to your practitioner. They may be able to recommend options that help to lower it.

At Moor Park Dental, we are committed to transparency around our fee structure when you have dental implants with us. This means we include all likely costs in a treatment plan for you to consider before we begin.